Ecommerce Fulfilment

CML offers full eCommerce fulfilment solutions to many existing customers and has a wealth of experience in meeting the requirements of rapid order processing speed whilst maintain a high standard of accuracy and presentation. We have developed IT and handling systems, in addition to a specially developed packing area, to allow us to consistently meet the expectations that our clients have from their order fulfilment solutions.

Our Services

Our Competitive Edge

  • Specialist order processing software to achieve order volume
  • Flexible picking strategies to maximise order through-put
  • Full product scanning from point of picking to vehicle loading
  • Part automated and fully equipped packing area
  • Scalability options to achieve demand volatility
  • Fully configured storage and picking area to facilitate single unit picking
  • Exceptional customer service personnel
  • Methods and measurement analysis to optimise picking efficiencies
Did you know...

According to a Forrester report, online ecommerce sales will see a compound annual growth rate of 11% in the UK, growing from £30.1bn out of a total retail market of £266.8bn in 2011, to £50.1bn out of a total retail market of £305.6bn in 2016.