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Gender Pay Gap Information

CML has always operated based on equality and fairness and our pay rules are no exception.


In 2017 the Equality Act 2010 was augmented with 'The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017'. This legislation is designed to heighten awareness of the pay gap between men and women. It requires all UK organisations with more than 250 employees to publish an annual report showing their gender pay gap.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender pay gap reporting does not report on comparative rates of pay between men and women in the same role, it reports on the pay gap between men and women across the organisation as a whole. In order to remain consistent and prevent manipulation of figures, the report establishes both the mean and median average for men and women and presents the figures as a percentage of pay for men, so a positive gap shows that men are paid more, whereas a negative gap shows that women are paid more. The report also reports on bonus pay, so companies cannot manipulate the gap by paying comparable salaries enhanced with large bonuses. 


CML has recently published our Gender Pay Gap Report for 2017. The findings showed an overall Gender Pay Gap of around 10% in favour of male employees. The proportionate number of employees receiving bonuses in the year is in favour of female employees, but the amount of those bonuses is in favour of men. 


While these figures will no doubt be scrutinised in the current climate, an important point to note is that 2017 was a period of significant change at CML and there were some transitional elements to the business. We expect the gender pay gap report for 2018 to show a much closer gap than 2017, but would also stress that this is not by design. 

CML has always operated based on equality and fairness and our pay rules are no exception. Gender stipulation does not form any part of our recruitment policy and all roles are awarded based on merit and suitability. We will continue to strive to find the right person for each role regardless of gender. 

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