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take our HMRC Health Check

In just a few minutes, find out if your company could benefit from an HMRC Health Check from CML.

Our team is highly experienced in customs procedures and we are able to consult across many areas relating to compliance with HMRC rules.

Take our 3 minute Health Check

1. Have previous HMRC audits been clear of issues?

2. Do you carry out your own audits of the work carried out on your behalf by a broker / forwarder?

3. Do you fully understand the methods to arrive at a correct commodity code for your goods?

4. Are the people in your business that are involved in customs matters adequately trained?

5. Do your records contain all the information required by HMRC?

6. Are you including all the required costs when submitting value details to HMRC?

7. Do you have access to seven years of records relating to your import / export activities?

To support our customers, we hosted a Brexit forum on 31st October to educate and inform attendees of the potential impact that Brexit may have on logistics operations.  Guests were able to listen to advice from a number of industry experts and were also given the opportunity to ask questions of their own to ensure they were fully educated and to support and reassure everyone that CML will continue to provide the highest levels of customer service whatever the outcome.

To discover more about our proactive Brexit event, please visit CML hosts Brexit forum to help support its customers