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CML Continues Environmental Efforts

Lutterworth-based ecommerce and logistics industry leader, Core Management Logistics (CML), has been looking at its corporate and social responsibilities to reduce the impact its activities has on the environment and create environmentally friendly projects.

Environmental - LED Graph

CML has always been committed to minimising this impact and earlier this year upgraded its pool car fleet to three fully electric vehicles, installed charging points at each of its sites and also introduced a more environmentally friendly company car policy.

In today’s climate, minimising the impact a company has on the environment as well as considering people’s concerns about environmental pollution and energy conservation is so important. CML wanted to develop its environmentally friendly project and create further efficiencies by looking at the power its sites use and decided to go green by installing LED lighting at one of its warehouses in October 2018. 

Over the past six months (October 2018 – March 2019), this green scheme has seen savings of over 280,000kWh, which is over a quarter of a megawatt - a fantastic achievement that creates a more sustainable and energy efficient warehouse which will, in turn, have a positive environmental impact and reduce environmental pollution.

Environmental - LED Lights

This green scheme has been so successful in creating efficiencies and reducing its power usage and environmental pollution that the company is now looking at rolling out LED lighting to CML’s other two sites later this year.

Adrian Goodman, Finance Director at CML, commented, “Since the advent of social media, there is no excuse for ignorance when it comes to environmental issues and we at CML take our responsibilities very seriously. We are very conscious of the potential impact of our activities on the environment and work closely with our partners in transport, waste management and energy consumption to mitigate this impact.” 

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