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CML helps war heroes with charity donation

CML supports ex-service troops by donating to national charity KartForce...


Core Management Logistics (CML) is supporting national charity KartForce which allows wounded ex-serving troops to race in competitive karting events across the country and abroad.

Lutterworth-based CML has made a donation which will aid the charity in the purchase of its first workshop.

Former Royal Engineer Dave Player, who is the founder of KartForce, said, "We are thrilled to have received a generous donation from CML. The funds provided mean we can now set up and run a workshop where we will be able to prepare the karts before races as well as carry out any necessary repairs. It will also be an ideal location for us to store our equipment and tools.

"Before-hand we were having to carry out repairs or checks at the side of the race track, so it means a lot that we will now have a base from which to work."

KartForce was set up to provide injured troops with the chance to enjoy competitive racing and to socialise with soldiers who have shared the same experiences as them. Launched in August 2010, it has rapidly grown in popularity and now has roughly 30 drivers who take part in about 40-45 races a year. Teams are spread out across the UK and include KartForce North, KartForce South and KartForce Scotland.

Dave commented, "Because the lads have so many different injuries, including missing fingers and thumbs, KartForce had to design a new set of hand controls that gives them full performance and allows the to race on a level playing field alongside able-bodied competitors, taking part in mainstream races.

"Recently our teams have taken on the European Prokart Endurance Championships, which included tackling three 24 hour races; they've also competed in the Isle of Man 24 Hour and the British 24 Hour Karting Championship.

The charity, which is officially recognised by the Combined Services Sports Board and British Army Motorsport Association, relies solely on public donations to survive. The Royal British Legion has supported the organisation with a number of contributions however; much of its funding comes from businesses and individuals.

Dave said, "The charity is incredibly important to the ex-servicemen involved as it shows them that no matter what their injury, it doesn't have to hold them back. They are an inspiration to me because they prove that you don't need all your limbs to race, just British bulldog spirit.

"These men have heroically served their country, now they're representing the UK again in a different way. Every one of them has fought back from the brink of death, so the fact that they are now able to compete in British motorsport means a lot."

Mark Webb, Operations Director at CML, said, "We're very proud to support this incredible charity which is giving so much back to our country's war heroes. We hope that the new base will allow KartForce to expand further and to reach out to more ex-serving troops to allow them to enjoy the opportunity to undertake competitive racing."

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