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CML proves its easy being green

CML has announced it has reduced its carbon output by 85 per cent over the last three years.

Managing Director, Graham Copley

The company has taken a giant leap forward in its efforts to become carbon neutral by 2015, reducing its net carbon footprint by 85.3% since the implementation of its green goals in 2009.

Implementing measures including recycling 100% of its waste, which has resulted in zero waste to landfill, as well as installing automatically opening and closing bay doors to cut energy, last year alone CML produced 481.88 tones of CO2. 

This has resulted in the logistics provider meeting its target to reduce its carbon footprint to no more than 500 tonnes CO2 per annum. Final calculations show that CML produced 481.88t CO2 up to the end of 2012, down from 566.95t CO2 in 2011. Coupled with the offset of 120t CO2 in late 2012 through CML’s tree planting project with Park Wood, West Malvern, CML’s net footprint results in over 80% reduction in CO2.

Graham Copley, Managing Director at CML, comments, “Since 2009 we have introduced a whole host of policies that have contributed towards the reduction of our carbon output, whilst presenting a clear vision of our future plans.

The latest figures prove just what can be done within just a few short years and how companies such as CML can make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. However, we realise that becoming carbon neutral doesn’t happen overnight, but we’re confident that the policies we have now, and our future plans to increase our involvement in carbon mitigation projects, will drive us to meet our 2015 target.”

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