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CML selected as Suretile Ltd's service provider

Tiling accessories company Suretile Ltd select CML as logistics provider.

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Formed in 2009, Suretile Ltd was set up to further develop, produce and sell a brand new range of innovative, problem-solving tiling tools. Run by partners with engineering and surveying backgrounds, Suretile provides specialist tiling tools and accessories to both trade customers and consumers alike.

CML were able to demonstrate a capability to offer a fully integrated systems solution, allowing Suretile to receive orders from various platforms including Amazon, eBay and their own OpenCart website platform, meaning CML have been selected to handle Suretile’s entire logistics operation including a full pick and pack e-commerce offering.

CML are delighted to have been chosen as Suretile Ltd’s outsourced logistics provider and look forward to long and productive relationship.

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