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CML supports sustainability with solar panels project

CML has shown its green side by taking part in a big environmental project...

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Core Management Logistics has shown its green side by taking part in a big environmental project which has seen over 45,0000 solar panels shipped to the UK to be used in new solar farms.

The panels will be installed on behalf of Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd at solar farm sites across England and South Wales. Once completed, all the farms will be connected to the National Grid to provide electricity which will directly benefit local communities.

CML, based in Lutterworth, has been providing ocean freight forwarding services since 2008 to Asia, Europe and the Americas and recently expanded its import and export markets into South America and the Middle East.

Teaming up with a manufacturer in China, CML delivered 574 contains of solar panels to the UK, working in partnership with one of its agents in Spain CEMASA alongside GRUPOTEC, the company responsible for installing the panels on behalf of Lightsource Renewable Energy Ltd.

Managing Director Graham Copley of CML commented, "We are thrilled to have worked with numerous organisations to be involved in such a worthwhile project which will have a positive lasting impact on local communities across England and South Wales.

"CML believes strongly in the importance of promoting and increasing sustainable energy sources and we are currently doing our bit by reducing our carbon footprint.

"We have implemented various waste management and recycling schemes at our headquarters in Lutterworth, which has resulted in zero waste being sent to landfill and have also installed a variety of energy conservations measures, such as automatic opening and closing bay doors to cut down on energy loss. We've also sponsored the planting of numerous hazel trees at Park Wood in West Malvern and Hawthorn trees at Nene Valley Park near Peterborough to offset our CO2 emissions."

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