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CML is on target to go green for 2015

Core Management Logistics (CML) is on target to become carbon neutral by 2015 after managing to reduce its carbon footprint by over 86 per cent in the past five years.

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Since implementing its green goals in 2009 the Lutterworth based company has taken giant leaps forward in its efforts to become carbon neutral, setting up a variety of measures to ensure that it produces no more than 500 tonnes of CO² per annum.  

CML has implemented various waste management and recycling schemes, which has resulted in zero waste being sent to landfill, it’s also installed a variety of energy conservation measures, such as automatic opening and closing bay doors to cut down on energy loss, and this year has sponsored the planting of hazel trees at Park Wood in West Malvern and Hawthorn trees at Nene Valley Park near Peterborough, offsetting 330 tonnes of CO².

This has meant that last year the logistics provider was able to reduce its carbon emissions to just 433.51 tonnes, down from the 481.88 tonnes in 2012 and 566.95 tonnes in 2011. With further carbon offsetting measures planned, this leaves CML on target to reduce its net footprint to zero in 2015.

Graham Copley, Managing Director of CML, commented, “Since 2009 we have introduced a whole host of policies that have contributed towards the reduction of our carbon output, whilst presenting a clear vision of our future plans.

“The latest figures prove how far we have come in just a few years and how companies like CML can make a significant contribution in the fight against climate change.

“Becoming carbon neutral doesn’t just happen overnight though and what we need to do now is to continuously monitor our power usage so that wherever possible, further savings can be made in order to reach our goal in 2015.”

Centrally based at Magna Park in Lutterworth, CML is a privately owned supply-chain services company specialising in retail warehousing and distribution, along with global freight forwarding services. Their 270,000 sq ft warehouse services retail giants and they provide bespoke solutions for many other distinguished brands and suppliers.

To find out how CML can help your business please telephone 01455 200700.

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