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CML team offers a heart-warming thank you to valued staff member

Supervisor Steve Egan received a thank you gift from his team for his management and leadership.

Supervisor Steve Egan received a thank you gift from his team as a thank you for his excellent management and leadership.

Steve, who has recently become a new father, was presented with a gift of baby clothes and goodies by his team, who wanted to demonstrate their gratitude for Steve’s incredible efforts and dedication to his job and his colleagues.  

Steve commented, “I’m genuinely moved by such a kind gesture and it’s fantastic to be appreciated by my colleagues. I’m extremely proud of our achievements as a team and I look forward to facing future challenges. 

Steve, who first joined the company as a Warehouse Operative in 2003, has also worked for CML as a Team Leader, before being promoted to his current position, supervising and supporting 60 members of staff.

“After 13 years with CML I’ve been able to build a great rapport with my colleagues, I believe communication and leading by example is the key to a good culture within the workplace and CML’s management structure and development plays a big part in this. There’s always room for improvement and I hope to continue to do a good job and support my colleagues however I can.”

Graham Copley, Managing Director at CML, said, “We’re extremely lucky to have such great staff members on board and the team’s gesture is a great example of the culture we encourage in the workplace. 

“Steve is a valued employee who is always on hand to help others and we’d like to congratulate him on his new addition to the family.”

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