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CML wins new business after building new giant storage tower

A giant storage tower is already helping the supply chain services company, Core Management Logistics, to win new business with online retailers.

Pick tower

The custom-built space saving storage system, known as a pick tower, has been installed at CML’s Lutterworth warehouse. The new structure with coverage of approximately 60,000 square feet can accommodate between 50,000 and 100,000 product locations – making it ideal for e-commerce. The tower features static, adjustable shelves and hanging garment rails served by a 3-level reversible conveyor system and garment elevators.

For many retail companies, fulfilling online orders and returns processing has become an increasingly complex process and they’re now turning to the logistics sector for a solution. CML’s Managing Director, Mark Webb commented: “As a logistics company, we’re committed to finding new ways to increase operational capability and expertise for our new and existing clients. Our new pick tower provides an impressive increased capacity and it’ll allow online retailers, both small and large, to efficiently distribute their goods with speed, accuracy and ease. Our pick tower will now enable us to complete every aspect of customer fulfilment and returns processing, from pick to store or pick to consumer.

Since building the tower, CML has already won a new business contract with the schoolwear, sportswear and printwear supplier, Blue Max Banner, which sells hundreds of thousands of garments online each year. CML says that, as the e-commerce and internet shopping industry continues to boom, the demand for the pick tower facility is likely to increase and the company now has the flexibility and scalability to accommodate the changes.

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