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The importance of flexibility in the freight industry

Flexibility has got to be one of the most important characteristics an operative can have within the freight forwarding industry says Pat Treanor of CML...


The world of logistics works on timing and it only takes the smallest change of circumstances or environment to dramatically affect a delivery schedule.

Those companies that thrive when the going gets tough use their flexibility and ingenuity to solve problems. They adapt to the needs and changes within the industry and they draw from their experience to plan for resilience in the face of internal and external pressures.

Due to a great team ethic and a vast range of experience, Core Management Logistics (CML) is able to handle all requirements for its freight customers. One of our recent projects saw us export 22 flat rack containers carrying heavy lift vehicles from the UK to Somalia.

In order to complete the project at a competitive cost and meet our customer’s requirements we were flexible in our approach, assessing which strategy would work best for the situation and choosing carefully from our diverse network of shipping lines and suppliers to make sure we picked the right candidates to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Being flexible is at the core of our operational processes. It allows us to expand and contract as customer demand changes. We work internationally with a wide range of shipping lines so that we can make the right choices for our customers and as a result aren’t too constricted by set transit times.

A common problem we encounter is vessel rotation; knowing that a ship’s route could change at any moment. We assess and monitor ships’ journey patterns so that we’re able to react if circumstances change. Having links with a diverse range of suppliers means we can move away from our original plan, should we need to; getting our goods dropped off in a different location to and getting them picked up by another carrier as soon as possible. This saves time and cost for the customer.

It’s also important for freight forwarding providers to run a 24-hour operation, so that they are always on-hand should a shipment run into difficulties or should any circumstances change.

Our ability to be flexible allows us to provide solutions which we know will have minimal impact on our customers’ businesses. We have a track record of handling a diverse range of different cargo and our network of agents allows us to tailor our service to meet all customers’ individual needs.

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