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The importance of staying up to date with I.T advancements in the logistics industry

Tony Hourihan, of CML, discusses why keeping up to date with information technology advancements is key to staying on top as a third party logistics provider...

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As a third party logistics provider, which manages significant parts of our clients’ logistics requirements including, transportation, warehousing and distribution, we understand that keeping pace with the latest advancements in IT is central to fulfilling and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Technology is helping to improve the services that logistics providers offer. The entire supply chain is becoming more connected and consequently data is being collected in ever increasing quantities, therefore possessing the ability to intelligently interpret this data and solve any technological issues that may crop up has become key to securing a competitive advantage in the sector.

Retail logistics in particular has altered significantly in recent years with a rise in ecommerce.

The technology enables retailers and their logistics providers to deliver services such as tracking and tracing purchases made online, ultimately providing a more fulfilling shopping experience to end users.

However, according to a recent report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, published in 2014, over 67,000 workers have skills gaps in the logistics industry, with the introduction of new technology identified as the cause by a quarter of employees. 

Logistics companies therefore have a responsibility to ensure that their staff are skilled when it comes to using the latest IT tools; using technology both to control costs as well as to provide customers with what is regarded as added value. 

At Core Management Logistics (CML) we recognise that IT technology is a core enabler in our service offering and see the importance and value in investing in training opportunities to ensure our employees are able to fully utilise our IT systems. Our whole operation is process driven and follows the same ethos as the rest of our business; we put customers’ needs first and aim to deliver an IT service that is both efficient and informative for them.

Our well trained, fully engaged and motivated operations team therefore allows CML to deliver the best service possible and thanks to their skills, our employees also feel comfortable suggesting improvements which ensure that our IT systems always stay up-to-date.

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