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Marketing Officer Andy opens up about working at CML

Our Marketing Administration Officer Andrew Dolby is in the spotlight for this month's What's it Like to Work at CML feature...

SGB_3155-main - Andy

Name: Andrew Dolby

Job title: Marketing Administration Officer

Department: Marketing

Where do you live? Leicester

Can you sum up an average day in your job? 

My duties as the Marketing Administration Officer at CML are varied and all encompassing; I am responsible for all marketing activities we undertake whilst also expanding campaigns and growing new and existing communication channels. 

My responsibilities include maintaining and adding new sections to the website whilst managing the SEO, I also manage PR campaigns and help create new content in conjunction with our marketing agency as well as carry out social media, budget managing and artwork duties along with other general marketing duties

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variaton in my role is what I enjoy the most, I handle all of the marketing functions so I can be working on PR in the morning and then looking at artwork and promotional material in the afternoon

What do you like most about working for CML?

CML is a great place to work, they give you the freedom to push your area of the business forward and enable you to make decisions so you can make the most impact. Another great thing about working at CML is the people, they are a very friendly bunch and are always there to assist you if you need it

Personal career highlight of the year?

Developing the careers section of the website and watching it climb up the SEO rankings

Are you organising or taking part in any social, fundraising activities with your colleagues inside or outside of work?

As the Marketing Officer I always have some involvement with the fundraising efforts of my colleagues, whether that's helping organise an event or donning a costume

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Outside of work you'll never catch me far away from the TV when the Leicester Tigers are on. I'm attempting to learn the guitar and becoming a bit of a gym junkie... none of which is going to well!

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