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Michael Smith reaches 10 year milestone with CML

As Michael Smith, Customer Account Manager, celebrates his 10 year anniversary with CML, he shares some of his career highlights working for the logistics company...


When did you first start working for CML?

It was February 2006. I had recently left a job in warehouse operations at a nearby company and moved into an administrative role with Core Management Logistics and the rest is history!

What does your current role at CML entail?

I handle the account management of several of our high profile retail national accounts. I act as a point of escalation for any issues, undertake service reviews with our clients and am a commercial point of contact for any new opportunities or new services we may be able to offer to our clients.

How would your colleagues describe you?

Not sure it’s safe to print! I’d hope above all they see me as a hardworking, loyal and willing colleague and a friendly, approachable face as well. If they don’t, maybe we need words...

How do you think has CML changed over the years?

CML is relatively unique in that as long as I have known it, it has been a close knit 'family run' business. Whilst CML retains that feel, to its great credit, CML now has a genuine reputation in retail logistics, and has a service offering as good as any of the traditional big players. The whole team at CML is excellent, and only continues to grow and improve.

What is the highlight of your career with CML?

I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Marks & Spencer as part of its One Team supply chain initiative and in 2013 I was shortlisted and won the Living the Values Award for Commitment for my efforts on the project. The award is judged across the whole M&S logistics network, so it was great to win it and be presented with a prize at a large annual awards event. I even got a kiss from Neil “Razor” Ruddock as congratulations, and I’d guess not many people can say that!

What is the best piece of advice you have received during your career?

Try and learn something new every day. It could be big or small, but in some way try and make sure that every day you take something on board that perhaps changes your thinking for the next time you are presented with a certain scenario, or expands your understanding of a system or process in some way.

What guidance could you offer to someone beginning their career?

Above all else, I genuinely believe hard work will always bring rewards, so be willing to throw yourself in. Logistics is now a huge industry and such an integral part of making the country tick that there are a vast number of opportunities to seize upon if you are willing to put the effort in. Be open minded as well – it’s a fast paced and ever changing industry, so be willing to consider new ideas and ways of working, because if you don’t you might find yourself left behind.

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