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Nathan Phipps joins the team at CML

Our new Freight Business Development Manager, Nathan Phipps, is looking forward to working with the team at CML...

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Name: Nathan Phipps

Job title: Freight Business Development Manager

Department: Sales

Where do you live? Swansea, South Wales

Describe yourself in three words: Focused, creative and attentive

Main job responsibilities: Acquisition of new business and portfolio development and account management through to successful client growth partnerships.

How long have you been in the logistics industry? Eight years

What you are most looking forward to about your new role? Working with an exceptional team, expressing the positive impacts to new clients of what CML can offer and becoming part of a fresh intuitive approach to providing excellent customer relations.

What are your aspirations in this position? To have an immediate and decisive impact on increasing sales figures within CML and moving forward to career advancement through building a successful customer base.

What was it about CML which appealed to you? CML have an excellent team offering complete support – both externally and internally through many years of experience and knowledge. CML have offered me complete autonomy within my role, allowing me to be creative and effective whilst building concrete relationships with all clients – new and existing.

What motivates you? High customer satisfaction levels

What is the best advice you have ever been given? The answer is yes, what’s the question.

What advice would you give to people who aspire to be where you are? Be honest in your role and understand your customer – from what they do, why they do it and where they want to be in three to five years. You can then establish how you can best help them achieve their goals.

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