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revolutionary and recyclable Goods On Hanger – Green GOH

An innovative and unique design providing significant benefits for importers and exporters of hanging garments in containers that reduce environmental impact and operational costs.

Particularly in times of a volatile sea freight market, it is even more important to find future oriented alternatives. When you can combine economic benefits with sustainable solutions, you can achieve the perfect logistics symbiosis.

Michael Ostermann - Director of Gerry Weber Logistics GmbH

CML is the UK provider of Green GOH, a garment on hanger revolution for the transportation of hanging garments in containers.  It is the first commercially viable recyclable solution available in the market, with an impressive list of global retailers taking advantage of this exciting new development.

Green GOH is a truly neutral product and is available to use within your existing supply chain solution without the need to change suppliers.  This strategy ensures that Green GOH is more competitively priced than carrier GOH, can be used within any existing carrier/forwarder agreement already in place which offers a sustainable pricing structure and substantially improved equipment availability over carriers, improved carbon footprint for any organisation that uses it and allows the rigged containers to be quality controlled before being made available to the loading point.

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The key benefits of using GGOH are that containers can be derigged in 15/20 minutes, considerably quicker than standard derig times, it has the ability to bespoke the rigging to the exact specifications of any shipper/importer and it is fully collapsible and is easily stored outdoor in a very small space.   Unlike anything on the market it is re-useable up to 10 times dramatically reducing carbon footprint and its construction allows for a larger weight capacity per bar than standard GOH, and can be used with any existing shipping line, freight forwarder or logistics provider and after final use the product is recycled into security fencing removing the need for any scrap waste.

Humidity is a global issue for GOH shipping where often the temperature of the factory loading a container and the temperature inside a container being loaded are particularly disparate creating an immediate humidity/condensation problem.  Green GOH has developed a new advanced desiccant product that is light years ahead of standard silica solutions offering a water absorbency of almost 280% at 25ᵒC. The table below offers a comparison against industry standard solutions and Green GOH solution “Composition”.

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"The team at Green GOH has been instrumental in solving historic problems relating to our shipping of GOH containers from Qingdao. Suffering peak season equipment availability, slow turnaround times for container rigging and volatile pricing structures dictated by carriers, the team at Green GOH has managed to remove these pressures from my supply chain with incredible speed and success.

We are now able to forecast our logistics costs with ease and confidence knowing we can fix rates on a timescale suitable to our needs but equally importantly Green GOH are able to provide rigged containers at a far greater velocity than we have ever experienced in the past negating the issues with availability we previously experienced.

An unforeseen bonus is the exemplary condition of the equipment on arrival. To date we have experienced no GOH collapses irrespective of which carrier the outer container is booked with and the pristine condition the container arrives in has scored us some well-earned points with clients when delivering direct to their warehouses."

I would thoroughly recommend Green GOH as a more competitive and far better quality system as anything I have worked with in my time."

Paul Fairhurst – Banner - Import Export Supervisor

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