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compliant and efficient Pre-Retailing

Items may need a series of modifications before reaching the customer. CML has the capability to flex resources as either a one-off project or ongoing requirement.

Pre retailing

When products are sold in a global marketplace, meeting and complying with the individual country’s specific labelling legislation, is required to avoid breaches of any trading regulations.  This also applies when selling products across different ecommerce platforms.

CML has a skilled team efficient in relabelling merchandise and apparel accurately and at speed, whether it is changing swing, security or Kimball tags, or more specific demands like repositioning and repricing, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that a retailer’s requirements are adhered to.  We can translate bar code stipulations to reflect the data specifications of retailers’ customers, for example, processing items for different shopping platforms, thereby opening up alternative routes to market.

With the manufacture of many items sourced overseas, product rework can be a more cost-effective solution than returning the products to the point of manufacture.  Outsourcing this to the CML team means efficiencies in productivity, which in turn reduces the time taken to perform the rework requirements.  Our experience spans a wide range of products from apparel and homeware to sporting goods.

Other requirements might include the need for re-packing, bagging, the reconfiguration of cartons or the more personalised creation of gift sets.

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