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cost effective Returns Processing

Changes in the buying behaviour of consumers, who often order multiple items and then return those that are not needed, requires retailers to provide an efficient solution to remain competitive.

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Consumers expect returns to be processed as quickly and as efficiently as the front-end ordering process and not have to wait long for credits, exchanges or replacements to be completed.  The ability to expedite these promptly is essential for creating customer loyalty at this stage of the fulfilment process and at CML we recognise the importance of this, along with the competitive advantage that can be gained through a resilient and unified process.  Our highly skilled returns team assess returned items and process them in-line with retailers’ specifications, whether that requires remedial work, returning to stock or quarantining for inspection.

Our real-time tracking enables returns information to be updated to retailers’ enterprise systems, ensuring that details are available to keep their customers updated. CML will streamline the returns process through the use of detailed operating procedures, skilled teams and industry-leading software. This leads to improved turnaround times for customers, a reduction in paperwork, increased status updates and information accuracy.

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