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Beyond ‘In Stock’: How fulfilment services can deliver the memorable experiences customers expect

About this White Paper

Agile, flexible, scalable fulfilment operations

In this white paper, produced in partnership with Internet Retailing, we explore the link between fulfilment and the customer experience and focus on the ways retailers can use fulfilment and logistics to improve the experience of their individual customers. 

Three main areas are considered:

  1. A single view of stock: how retailers can use visibility of stock across the whole estate to serve customers better
  2. Flexible and bespoke: how retailers can make fulfilment services intrinsic to the customer experience
  3. The home as showroom/the bedroom as changing room: how retailers can work with changing customer behaviour to drive sales

Some key findings from our research:

  • 54.2% wanted more effective returns processing and management
  • 44.6% wanted improved stock visibility across the internet and retail stock for the consumer
  • 39.8% wanted increased agility in responding to retail spikes and volume fluctuations
  • 32.5% wanted more flexibility in pre-retailing/value-added services such as ticketing, repricing, quality control, etc.
  • 28.9% wanted improved supply chain systems integration with enterprise software

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